First Year Tutors Light Lunches Mar/Apr 2016


Are you a 1st Year tutor or involved in teaching 1st years?

If so, we have another ‘light lunch’ series you won’t want to miss in March / April 2016!

Following on from the STEER (Student Transition: Expectations; Engagement; Retention)s initiative & the Light Lunches introduced in 2013-4, we would like to invite all first year tutors and teachers to our third ‘Transition into Higher Education’ Light Lunch Series.

What will the session involve?

As well as lunch, you will have the opportunity to:

• Meet and chat with other first year tutors

• Meet face to face with members of the DIT Campus Life, Access and Student Services and get useful information on the services   available to your students and the relevant contact details

• Discuss good practice and identify opportunities for collaboration and synergy, including an update on the Reimagining the TU4D first year prototype projects;  and the First Year Experience Framework working group

• Provide feedback on what you would like to see discussed / addressed at the Light Lunches in 2016-7

Four opportunities are available to attend the second semester sessions –

Wed 9th March 2016 – Boardroom, Cathal Brugha St. from 1.10pm -2pm

Thurs 10th March 2016- Room BL132, Bolton St. from 1.10pm -2pm 

Mon 11th April 2016 – Room 4086, Aungier St. from 1.10pm to 2pm

Thurs 14th April 2016 – RD004, Grangegorman from 1.10pm to 2pm

The sessions are informal so please drop in and leave at whatever time suits you over their duration.

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