The 12 Apps of Christmas 2015

This is the second installment in the award winning series The 12 Apps of Christmas  This 12 day free online project is aimed at students of all ages undertaking further education, third level education, and/or post-graduate study, and also at their tutors and lecturers. Each morning over 12 weekdays, starting Dec 1st 2015, a page will be released that reviews a particular mobile app and explores it in terms of how it could help students personalise their learning.  More information on what personalisation means, and how it can benefit student learning, can be found on the student information page. An information page for educators has also been included and there it is explained what tutors and lecturers can do to create the type of environment that provides students with unique opportunities to personalise their learning.

Please take a few moments to watch the introductory video before registering for The 12 Apps of Christmas initiative, and installing the accompanying app. There will be a number of competitions run over the days too and there are some great prizes to be won so keep an eye out! Comments on the daily apps, observations, tips and hints, and resources can all be tweeted to #12appsDIT. 

If you have any questions please contact either Frances Boylan or Trevor Boland of the apps 12 team. We look forward to working with you online in December!

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