1st TU4 Dublin Collaborative Curriculum Initiatives launched on 16Sept

Professor Rhona Sharpe, Oxford Brookes University, UK, launched the  first  TU4D collaborative curriculum initiatives as part of a Re-imagining the TU4Dublin Curriculum event in DIT Aungier st.

The event, which was opened by Dr Mary Meaney, President of ITB and chaired by Professor Brian O’Neill, recognised the importance of student transition into higher education and the first year experience.  In total twenty prototype projects and seven cross-institutional programmes received funding.

TU4D First Year Experience Prototype Projects – Twenty prototype projects have been funded to develop new strategies that will underpin the foundation of our unique TU4D first year curriculum.

TU4D Programmes for the Future – Seven cross-institutional programme teams have been funded to create flagship courses that align with the TU4Dublin curriculum model and demonstrate an innovative, collaborative approach to curriculum design.

For further details on the new programmes and projects, please visit the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre website

We like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those involved in this first collaborative curriculum initiative event and look forward to more collaborative events in the future.

If you have any questions about the TU4Dublin, please contact Emer O’Kelly, TU4 Dublin Communications, at info@TU4Dublin.ie.

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