Research Update – Conferences and Publications

ViCEPhEC in Nottingham
DIT was very well represented at the recent Variety In Chemistry Education / Physics Higher Education Conference held in the University of Nottingham. Dr Vanessa Murphy spoke on the group project on authentic assessment she undertook as part of the Diploma in 3rd Level Learning and Teaching. Dr Barry Ryan (MA Higher Ed), Dr Aaron MacRaighne (MSc Applied eLearning) and Dr Claire McDonnell (LTTC) each presented also. You can view the programme and abstracts here. The conference tweets have been archived using Storify and provide a useful record of the event.

Dr Barry Ryan presented his research on using augmented reality with his students at the UK’s Association for Learning Technology Conference at the University of Manchester. Barry has kindly written a review of this conference to share with colleagues here at DIT – this is available on our website and is an ideal opportunity to catch up if you could not be there. It’s good to hear that e-learning development at DIT is staying with the cutting edge!

Dr Michael Seery, a graduate of the MSc in Applied eLearning, has recently published a paper entitled Flipped learning in higher education chemistry: emerging trends and potential directions in Chemistry Education Research and Practice.

Meanwhile, we are delighted to share some positive feedback from Ian Griffin of the Insurance Institute of Ireland (III) who is shortly to graduate from the MA in Higher Education, commenting on our Academic Writing and Publishing module:

“I wanted to drop you a line about the AWP module and the impact the IJAP publication has made. As you know, I was kindly accepted to publish an article for the journal for which I am very grateful. The result of this led to Kristian Spring (Research Assistant, Bingham Young University, USA) contacting me as part of her research into ‘the current landscape of international blended learning’. I participated in a Skype interview with Kristian as part of her survey on international blended learning. The questions were relating to the III’s blended learning model and delivery and student engagement / experiences within the blended learning environment. As part of her research too, she has cited the IJAP paper in her research paper with student engagement being difficult to define and is a concern for educators.”

Find out more about the Irish Journal of Academic Practice (IJAP) at the journal website.

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